V-POD : Visual Proof Your Delivery

Automate your “Proof of Delivery” business processes for goods or services, including the downstream processes of invoicing, payment processing, reconciliation or for that matter any custom process.

Challenges with traditional POD processes


Legacy Proofing Methods

Traditional proofing via paper or device-based signatures

Tedious Manual Processes

Manual processes for verification, invoicing and payment processing etc.

Cumbersome Records Management

Cumbersome HQ processes for verification records scanning ,management and storage

Is your business facing any of these bottlenecks?


If yes, then V-POD is apt for your business!

V-POD can be integrated with any proprietary systems to automate the verification process, as well as to trigger invoicing, payment processing, or any other custom downstream workflows per your business needs

A Self-Intuitive Design

A Self-Intuitive Design

A user journey-driven design yielding a high degree of user experience with a sleek looking UI, easy searchability, and smooth navigational features

Visual Proofing with Date-Time Stamp

Visual Proofing with Date-Time Stamp

Capture visual proof of delivery or service completion, with date-time stamping
Additional proofing via signatures available

Automated Document Management

Automated Document Management

Visual proof (with signatures) can be stored on device, emailed to specific recipients, or even auto stored inside cloud storage

Complete Process Automation

Complete Process Automation

Use proofing completion as a trigger to initiate subsequent processes (invoicing, payments, or custom process) automatically

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Use Cases Include:
Verification for service visit, inventory, loading or delivery verification
Automated invoicing, billing, and payments