3PL-POD : Automate Your 3PL POD Processes

Automate your 3PL business processes for goods or services, including but not limited to the processes of POD Collection, POD Information scraping and integration with enterprise systems, reconciliation and reporting processes.

Challenges with traditional 3PL POD validation processes


Highly inefficient and costly process

Monotonous process of 3PL POD collection and validation - consuming tons of human hours

Considerable impacts from reconciliation errs

Not only inefficiencies of manual effort but prone to human errs

Manual intervention for downstream processes

Minimal automation for downstream processes of payments, revenue reversal & reporting etc.

Is your business facing any of these bottlenecks?


If yes, then 3PL-POD is apt for your business!

3PL-POD can be integrated with any enterprise systems to not only automate the collection of Shipment info but also feed back all the POD data back into enterprise systems.

A Self-Intuitive Design

A Self-Intuitive Design

A user journey-driven design yielding a high degree of user experience with a sleek looking UI, easy searchability, and smooth navigational features

Automated POD collection from multiple 3PL parties

Automated POD collection from multiple 3PL parties

Automate collection of physical PODs

POD records management

POD records management

Store physical POD copies into cloud while scraping the relevant POD info

POD data integration with enterprise system

POD data integration with enterprise system

Automate the feed of POD information back into enterprise system for reconciliation

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Use Cases Include:
Shipment Id based automated POD copy collection
POD scraping for date , time and address of delivery