aLive is a video streaming App. Built for iOS devices & hosted on AWS infrastructure, aLive is capable of broadcasting, streaming & storing video based media. Use cases include training, field service & numerous other possibilities.
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Saleszone is an iPad based sales collaboration platform. Built to bring in the much needed agility & mobility; Saleszone enables real time syndication of forecasts and other sales data at different departmental hierarchies.
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3PL Logistics
3PL Logistics, a cloud application, is designed to collect & report real time field data for temp-controlled logistics;

1. Source (Warehouse /loading)
2. In-transit
3. Destination (Distribution points).
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Digital Marketplace
Fetchem is a sophisticated digital marketplace. A fully user-centric design with state-of-the-art features & automation among many benefits ;

• Complete Business virtualization
• Subscription-based revenue
• Online Payment processing
• A sleek UX with a vibrant UI
• API based automations
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TasteHut is a mobile app for confectionery. The consumers facing App offers personalization to the end consumer while enabling targeted promotion & new launch marketing platform for the confectioners.
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