Digital Experience

Digital Experience is the Re-imagining of Your Organization to Optimize Customer Experience. Our Expertise Can Get You There. At Jubilant;  Digital Experience is a “User Focus” led Transformation at the Crossroads of Industry, Technologies and Digital trends. 

challenges to an experience!

Keeping the user at the center, our digital strategy experts can help design a technology led digital transformation to facilitate the user journey from challenges to a unique experience with your brand.

Customer Journey

In its simplistic form; Customer Journey is a road-map depicting how your customer will interact with your products & services during the learn, transact and post-sale phases.

Jubilant takes a touch-point stickiness approach to customer journey. These touch-points will be the decision points for any customer to continue or drop out.

We cover multiple touch-points, including but not limited to;

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Enabling visitor analytics
  • Full-proofing “make it” or “brake it” points
  • Designing a seamless decision workflow


Digitalization, a legacy modernizing approach, aims to blur the lines between physical & digital business interactions.

With our digitalization offering; we help businesses adopt digital processes to bring in the much needed agility & mobility into their business operations. Thus yielding higher efficiencies & better interactions for their customers.

We have expertise in digitalizing the following processes;

  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Verification
  • Field service
  • Collaboration
  • Training

UX & UI Design

User Experience (UX) is a multi-dimensional user perspective towards a brand. There are three special crafts that are essential to delivering a great user experience;

  1. A sleek  User Interface (UI).
  2. Smooth navigational experience.
  3. Interactive exploration.

Jubilant’s UX strategy involves;

  • Brand consistency
  • Experience uniformity
  • High visual discoverability 
  • Reusable design patterns
  • Minimal actions & clicks
  • Content animation

Web & Mobile Apps

One size doesn’t fit all. At Jubilant, each digital development has its own unique identity.

Be tablets or smartphones, mobile app development is our forte. We have rich experience in helping businesses deploy mobile apps to bring in the much-needed agility & mobility into their business processes.

Our digital development offerings encompass;

  • iOS / Android Mobile Apps
  • M-Web applications
  • Static websites
  • Custom web portals
  • eCommerce websites