Digital Experience

Digital Experience is the Re-imagining of Your Organization to Optimize Customer Experience. Our Expertise Can Get You There. At Jubilant;  Digital Experience is a “User Focus” led Transformation at the Crossroads of Industry, Technologies and Digital trends. 

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Keeping the user at the center, our digital strategy experts can help design a technology led digital transformation to deliver cutting-edge digital experience for your customers.

Customer Journey

In its simplistic form; Customer Journey is a road-map depicting how your customer will interact with your products & services during the learn, transact and post sale phases.

Jubilant takes a touch-point stickiness approach to customer journey. These touch-points will be the decision points for any customer to continue or drop out.

We cover multiple touch-points, including but not limited to;

  • Creating customer journey map
  • Enabling a holistic CX analytics
  • Identifying key “make or brake it” points
  • Designing a seamless decision workflow

UX Design

User Experience (UX) is a multi-dimensional user perspective towards a brand. There are three special crafts that are essential to delivering a great user experience;

  • Sleek & visually appealing User Interface (UI).
  • Smooth navigational experience.
  • Interactive product or service experience.

The Jubilant team helps achieve UX enrichment via;

  • Brand consistency
  • Experience uniformity
  • High visual discoverability 
  • Reusable design patterns
  • Minimal actions & clicks
  • Content animation


Digitalization, a legacy modernizing approach, aims to blur the lines between physical & digital business interactions.

With our digitalization offering; we help businesses adopt digital processes to bring in the much needed agility & mobility into their business operations. Thus yielding higher efficiencies & better interactions for their customers.

We have expertise in digitalizing the following processes;

  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Verification
  • Field service
  • Broadcasting
  • Collaboration
  • Training