Digital Experience

Digital Experience is the Re-imagining of Your Organization to Optimize Customer Experience. Our Expertise Can Get You There. At Jubilant;  Digital Experience is a “User Focus” led Transformation at the Crossroads of Industry, Technologies and Digital trends. 

challenges to an experience!

Keeping user at the center stage, our digital strategy experts can help design the technology led digital transformation, to facilitate user journey from challenges to a unique experience with your brand.

Process Digitalization

Process digitalization, focused at a business process level, aims to blur the lines between physical & digital business interactions.

As a result of digitalization; expect a digital technology driven business process that is lot more efficient & is highly automated to expedite the information delivery & thus the business decision making.

 Why digitalize?

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Achieve process efficiencies
  • Improve quality & delivery time
  • Open new avenues for innovation

Virtual Reality

We harness the power of technology to hyper-accelerate remote experience in a never before way, using Virtual Reality.

With a passionate team of specialists Designers, UI/UX Experts, Modelers and Developers; we have a passion to deliver cutting-edge virtual reality applications.

We offer cutting edge VR solutions across following industries;

  • Entertainment
  • Field Service
  • Agriculture
  • Science
  • Gaming
  • Education

Animation Services

If A picture is worth a thousand words, animation is worth a million.

Adept at conveying complex idea & messages in a simplistic fashion with elegance; our high-quality animations are a blend of creativity, art, sound and animation designs.

We have expertise in varied types of animation including but not limited to;

  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Product demos
  • Corporate presentations
  • Process illustrations
  • Medical illustrations
  • Storyboards
  • Game-based learning

UX & UI Design

Built on direct or in-direct interactions, User Experience (UX) is a multi-dimensional perspective of a user towards a brand. The final ingredient of a great user experience is the provisioning of sleek & simple yet visually appealing access points, The User Interface (UI).

UI design, as a subset of user experience, along with the interaction aspect is a special craft that is an essential component of delivering a great user experience. 

What makes a UI great?

  • Brand consistency
  • High visual discoverability 
  • Reusable design patterns
  • Minimal actions & clicks
  • Consistent interaction with user