Platform Operations

Our platform operations services are focused on bringing in the efficiency & optimization to an enterprise’s operations.

run better, run different

To enable a focus on core business, our platform operations services are tailored to free up your bandwidth from typical IT nuances. From managed services to pseudo-captive models; there are numerous IT sourcing options, each with different level of benefits for an enterprise.

Managed Services

Jubilant offers Infrastructure, Applications & Platforms as a true service to the end users of an organization. Independent or bundled, these components are fully hosted & managed by Jubilant.

With managed service options moving over the IT nuances to Jubilant, our clients can free up their staff’s bandwidth to focus on core business.

At this point, Jubilant offers managed services across;

  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Contact Center & Unified Messaging 
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Remote Infra/App Monitoring
  • Backup Services
  • Quality Assurance

Application Support

Today’s fast track businesses are demanding greater value add from their IT. With that comes the challenge of balancing the competing resource demand between new initiatives vs. legacy system support.

With Jubilant’s application support services, business can re-purpose their internal IT resources to deliver more of business value add projects, rather support & maintenance.

Our suite of Application Support Services includes:

  • First and Second Level Support
  • End-User Ticket Support
  • Break fixes & Enhancements 
  • Configuration & Change Management
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • Application Maintenance Services

Service Automation

Service automation is becoming critical to achieve multi-dimensional streamlining of business  service processes including automation of events, processes, tasks and business functions. 

Script & API based automation has been around for sometime & is continuously evolving in parallel to neural automation via AI & ML.

Our automation services include;

  • Back Office Automation
  • Test Automation
  • API based Automation
  • Rule engine driven automation

Pseudo-Captive CoE

Beyond obvious financial benefits of outsourcing; there are many more dominant factors at play when it comes to outsourcing. Non-financial factors like resource quality, knowledge retention, control needs  &  outsourcing risks can spur organizations to go the captive route.

Our Pseudo-Captive CoE is a hybrid option that brings the best of both; outsourced as well as captive setups.

Some of the benefits being;

  • Zero setup as well as management costs
  • Direct control over resource quality & cost
  • Zero risk of employment & labor laws
  • Easy to scale up & scale down