Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is the Re-imagining of Your Organization to Optimize Processes, Sales and Customer Experience. Our Expertise Can Get You There. At Jubilant;  Digital Strategy is a “User Focus” led Transformation at the Crossroads of Industry, Technologies and Digital trends. 

challenges to an experience!

Keeping user at the center stage, our digital strategy experts can help design the technology led digital transformation, to facilitate user journey from challenges to a unique experience with your brand.

Digital Roadmap Design

The first & foremost step towards any successful digital strategy is the alignment of digital initiatives with end business objectives.

This is where a digital roadmap comes into play. As a high-level blueprint of an enterprise, a digital roadmap defines & aligns multiple digital initiatives to address short to long term business objectives.

Our digital roadmap framework can help you;

  • Build a holistic view of your enterprise
  • Assess digital maturity across functions
  • Identify & prioritize the respective needs
  • Establish digital initiatives to address the needs 
  • Stitch an integrated execution plan
  • Track and measure performance

Process Digitalization

Process digitalization, focused at a business process level, aims to blur the lines between physical & digital business interactions.

As a result of digitalization; expect a digital technology driven business process that is lot more efficient & is highly automated to expedite the information delivery & thus the business decision making.

 Why digitalize?

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Achieve process efficiencies
  • Improve quality & delivery time
  • Open new avenues for innovation

Mobile Strategy

A well planned mobile strategy would continue to be the crux of user experience & engagement with brand.

With a rapid shift from “mobile first” to “user first”; our mobile strategy approach focuses on your customer or employee as a centerpiece of your overall experience strategy.

Key elements of a successful mobile strategy are;

  • Target user segment based platform selection
  • User Experience driven design approach
  • Business KPI driven measurements
  • Quick alignment with rapidly changing mobile landscape
  • Intergral part of a holistic omni-channel experience 

eCommerce Strategy

The eye-blinking growth pace of digital landscape is astonishing & is impacting every aspect of online businesses.

With the emergence of innovative user experience, interaction, personalization & analytics technologies, the e-commerce industry is poised to ground breaking success in the years to come. 

The key competitive advantage strategies being;

  • Interactive product visualization
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Personalization
  • Peer or Social Influence 
  • ChatBots

User Experience

Built on direct or in-direct interactions, User Experience (UX) is a multi-dimensional perspective of a user towards a brand. 

Among multitude of  influential aspects, one of the very crucial one is how meaningful & relevant has been a user’s interaction experience via brand’s digital presence. 

Key success elements of a well designed user experience;

  • Context to user motivation
  • Consistent brand personality
  • Sleek user interface  & interaction
  • Information Architecture 
  • Functionality, usability & relevance of content

UI & Interaction Design

The final ingredient of a great user experience is the provisioning of sleek & simple yet visually appealing access points, the user interfaces.

User interface design, as a subset of user experience, along with the interaction aspect is a special craft that is an essential component of delivering a great user experience. 

What makes a UI great?

  • Brand consistency
  • High visual discoverability 
  • Reusable design patterns
  • Minimal actions & clicks
  • Consistent interaction with user